Architectural and you will Systems Arrangements (step three,666 things, within the Denver): Topographic artwork out of water drainage and you will irrigation ideas, 1874- 1967 (step three,563 products)

Architectural and you will Systems Arrangements (step three,666 things, within the Denver): Topographic artwork out of water drainage and you will irrigation ideas, 1874- 1967 (step three,563 products)

Residential property possession and do Baoding women love white men you may allotments, 1915-48 (forty points). Advised highway build plans during the South Hand and you can Trout Creek towns and cities, 1935-61 (63 issues). Come across Together with .

Photographs (step one,800 pictures, for the Denver): Various feedback, 1898- 1930; Indian dwellings as well as their society, 1920-35; and you will farming expansion issues with the Cinch Lake Booking, 1934-53 (3 hundred photos). Scheduling ideas, formations, and you may personnel, 1915-45 (1,500 pictures). Select Including .

Textual Info (during the Kansas Urban area): Letters sent giving deeds, 1909-13; topic document, 1900-25; and standard interaction, 1922-forty. Service financial info, 1904-55. Home facts, 1867-40, together with surveyors occupation notes 1875, 1915; information away from property conversion, 1903-twenty-five, and leases, 1895-1940; info of homes allowance, 1885-96; and you will harvest records, 1924-39. Santee Scheduling pay publication, 1874. Tract guides, 1872-1940. Probate files, 1922-40, and you can heirship findings, 1899-1915. Omaha, Santee, Ponca, Flandreau, and Winnebago censuses and posts, 1869-1928. Santee, Winnebago, and you will Ponca family unit members information and important statistics, 1863-1906, and you will Santee and you will Ponca crucial statistics, 1937-47. Move out-of Santee Sioux, 1927. Santee and you will Omaha school censuses, 1896-1916; and you will time college or university topic document, 1925-thirty five. Civilian Maintenance Corps communications, 1933-43. Omaha, Santee, Ponca, Flandreau, and you can Winnebago annuity payrolls and related communications, 1861-1926. Info regarding annuity, each capita, and you will tribal finance payments, 1897- 1921. Passions situation files and associated facts, 1936-49. Personal and monetary questionnaire cards, 1934. Individual Indian money (IIM) ledgers and you may relevant publish and you may handle info, 1908-46; IIM situation data, 1926-49. Tribal economic records, 1939-40. Minutes from Omaha tribal council meetings, 1939-42.

Charts (43 factors, inside the Kansas Area): Township maps and plats, 1867-76 (40 circumstances). Winnebago Scheduling highway system, n.d. (step 3 things). Look for Also .

Textual Info (within the Seattle): Emails sent, 1878-1914, and you will gotten, 1894-1908. Superintendent’s topic telecommunications, 1908-67. Ideas of your community guide during the Dalles, Or, in accordance with enrolled Indian individuals way of life towards social website name places together the latest Columbia Lake, 1939-44. Ideas of your Legal out of Indian Offenses, 1903-20, and you can Indian Criminal records, 1879-1942. Ideas relating to the Dalles Dam Payment and department bookkeeping and you can irrigation fees records, 1897-1955. Private Indian currency (IIM) bookkeeping records, 1908-forty five. Narrative and you may statistical accounts, 1928-55. Inherited focus notes, 1945-67. Grazing leases and you may it allows, 1910-58, 1970 .Forestry and you can timber conversion process records, 1913-71. Records from belongings allotment and you can sales, 1900-54. Belongings conveyance data, 1970. Street design enterprise suggestions,1951-65. Right-of-ways instance data, 1970. Facts out-of Civilian Maintenance Corps-Indian Section programs, 1935-39. Tribal census rolls, 1880-1940. Birth and you may dying facts, 1909-64. Tribal council minutes and correspondence, 1897-1957. Healthcare account, 1912-40. College communication and you will account, 1912-21. College student situation data files, 1974.

A career guidance case records, 1959-70

Textual Details (in Kansas City): Quantitative communications, 1926- 33. Property system guide, 1936. College or university communications, 1926-34. Individual Indian money (IIM) case data files, 1924-thirty two.

Textual Facts (within the Denver): Letters delivered, 1899-1927, and you can received, 1904-twenty seven. Profile, communications, or other records, 1904-thirty-five. General correspondence, 1926-thirty five. Zuni Boarding College pupil list guide, 1906-11. Individual Indian money (IIM) ledger sheets, 1933-34. Checklist off births, deaths, and you can ailments («Hygienic Number»), 1900-10. Check in out of group, 1905-6.

Beginning and dying register, 1900-26

Textual Facts (in the Denver): Characters delivered, 1886-87. Standard communication, 1917-thirty six. Nongraduated students’ college folders, 1886-1954. Monthly listing off pupils managed, 1925-33. Beginner circumstances documents, 1909-64.

Textual Facts (from inside the Fort Worthy of, but as the listed): Profile with the company and college structures, which have accompanying images, california. 1916. Payroll coupon codes to possess staff, 1921-twenty-seven. Allowance dates, letter.d. List out-of sales of allotted places, california. 1901-30. Listing away from unpaid annuities, 1922. Abstracts of individual Indian bank accounts, 1918-25. Check in regarding securities sold to Indians, 1919- 24. Individual Indian money (IIM) ledger notes, 1918-24. Directory so you’re able to births and you may deaths, california. 1926. Facts (for the Oklahoma Urban area), composed of communications, 1885-1932; and you will financial and you can accounting records, 1885-1932.

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